Arts and Artists from Burien.

Highlighting local artists and the art that they create, right here in Burien
Poetry: A Dolphin's Song, A Dolphin's Moan
August 15th, 2022
By Nom de Plume Arcing up into the blue      Slapping my tail       As my people do Jumping, diving      Exploring the deep      Journeying far      My food I seek. Brothers and sisters      They search with me      Joyously – it was meant to be.Seasons pass      Sun high in the sky      My family could hear      Man come to our world      Clumsily slapping through waves unfurled. Suddenly we knew...
Poetry: 46 Lanterns on Alki
August 4th, 2022
46 Lanterns on Alkiby Nom de PlumeChill was the night airOnly steady, curling waves Sounding as they  Reach and retreat The pebbled shore. Ahead, bonfires light a dotted line Down the beach’s edge. Laughing, singing, playing Silhouettes converge and break apart,  Back-lit by flames. Barbeque scents and salt air mingle In the dark. Children gambol in the sand Their elders story and chuckle Faces li...
Movie Review: The Art of Racing In The Rain
July 26th, 2022
By Don Webb“The way movies were meant to be seen: in the movie theater on the big screens.” Another great movie for all who either love dogs or fast cars or both! It is rated PG but I would not recommend it for younger children due to some themes in the movie that they may not understand.I gave it a strong “5 stars'' on my rating scale, and urge all who love dogs or racing cars (or any animal love...
The Old Coat
July 2nd, 2022
By Nom de Plume Once there was a man He walked hurt, throughout the land, ‘Cause he remembered sorrow and he remembered pain. So feeling cold and naked, not knowing what to do, He picked up an old coat - I might have, so might have you.It seemed kinda harmless, in fact, it seemed the thing to do... The bloody wounds ceased to flow; Memories he hoped he’d no longer feel. . . The years struggled by,...
Bringing Good News to Burien: Just In Time
June 24th, 2022
By Marie Jones: The folk-gospel quartet known as “Just In Time” performed live on stage at the Burien Strawberry Festival this past Saturday, June 18. They sang 10 songs which included an encore number in response to cheers from the audience.“Just In Time” is comprised of four members: John and Annie Bergin, and Bill and Raye Grey. Bill plays guitar while Raye and Annie strum ukuleles. Their vocal...
It's Not Too Late, Dad
June 17th, 2022
By Nom de Plume He’s 86 years old, “But it’s not too late” I reassured my Dad. Long remembered poisoned barbs Burned in your memory: “You’re a failure and you always will be!” “You’re the family dummy!”. So the Mysteries of Math eluded you. Confusion and mind-numbing fear: A casualty of beatings endured As a seven year old child From your enraged father. So, you wrote your fine mind off; “We Barbe...