Letter to the Editor

Comments and concerns of the residents of Burien.
To The Highline School Board: Comments About Covid Vaccinations
September 16th, 2022
By Stuart Jenner.Back to school means lots of information coming at parents. One big topic is obviously health, including Covid. Recently at the school board meeting, there was a citizen comment about Covid vaccinations and possible complications. (The comments also covered masks, but I want to focus here just on Covid vaccinations).  Those comments were included here.I did some checking, and ther...
Highline Schools “Safe Spaces”: Are There Any Left?
September 10th, 2022
By Katie KreslyAs we enter this coming school year, it is like none other.  More anxiety and mental health issuesLoss of school progressRusty social skillsShort staffingThe stressors are high and well-documented, so you as Directors have rightfully addedMore professional counselors,More training for the teachers and staffand Likely, “safe spaces” for students who simply need to have a time outAcco...
Urgent Call To Action — Parents Keep Your Kids Safe At School
September 5th, 2022
By Wendy ButzerinThis is an URGENT ALERT  to parents and all citizens regarding Title IX changes that will affect  our childrens’ physical and emotional safety at school. Parents must comment to the Board of Education by September 12th to halt this dangerous precedent.These changes will mandate:Students may use the locker room and restrooms not based on biological sex but on genderidentity prefere...
Public Comment To Highline School Board - "No More Masks."
September 3rd, 2022
Highline School Board Meeting - Public Comment - August 3 2022By Bonnie RadelichGood evening. I spoke last September about masks, and asked some questions. And after a year, I'd like to readdress the topic and reevaluate where we are today and what we've learned.My name is Bonnie Radelich. I've lived in Highline District all my life, raised my children here, and now have grandchildren in the schoo...
Letter to the Editor: Vandalism In Downtown Burien
September 3rd, 2022
August 27, 2022Gem of the Sound Letter to the Editor:These pictures are just the latest struggle in what has been an expensive, frustrating, and unacceptable experience as building owners who, in good faith, chose to invest in improvements in downtown Burien. The continued increase in crime, vandalism, violence, needles, human feces, trash, and inattention to detail in care and regular maintenance...